Ron & Patricia Reiner

“Before coming to Discover Chiropractic, we had constant back pain.  We were skeptical about seeing a chiropractor because we were not educated in chiropractic care.  After the initial exam, we found out the cause of our discomfort.  The x-rays showed abnormalities that we did not know we had.  Dr. Nick also discovered that Ron had extremely high blood pressure.”

“Dr. Nick took the time to listen to our concerns and designed a treatment plan that would relieve us or our discomforts.  After several adjustments we were feeling less pain and more energized.  With routine maintenace exams we are living virtually pain free.  Dr. Nick treats his patients with the utmost respect, we feel like part of his family.  He is not only a chiropractor he is also a great friend.”

“We would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who wants to live a healthy and pain free lifestyle.

August 2011
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