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“I have M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) and what I have particularly been impressed with is that you ran the same exact tests that my neurologist ran. It showed me that not only do you have the knowledge and education to heal with the aid of chiropractic care but that you also have the compassion and care that anybody would appreciate in their doctor. When I first started chiropractic care I could barely walk. My family doctor thought I would eventually have to have surgery. Two years later my back is fine and with my monthly visits for chiropractic maintenance my back and neck are virtually pain free.

Dianne Reed

As a lifetime athlete, one can expect to have wear and tear throughout the years. However, when I developed a stinging pain in my lower back five years ago, I knew something was really wrong. I tried massage therapists, homeopathic medicine, medical doctors and my constant companion, addictive pain pills. Doing a Google search I found Dr. Nick and decided to try a new approach. He had great reviews and all I wanted was pain relief. My first steps in the office I was greeted by a sweet lady named Monica. I felt welcome and not just a patient. They both treat me with respect and decency. Xrays were taken and after all those years of needless suffering, I was finally given a correct diagnosis. After my very first visit, my pain lessened. By the second visit it was nearly gone! My pain I rated at an 8 out of ten, now it is zero!! Having a good nights rest painfree was something I never dreamed possible, but Dr.Nick has magical hands and is expert on human anatomy. He is genuine and very personable, so rare these days!! I will recommend him and his office to ANYONE suffering needlessly. He turned my life into a painfree one at long last! No drugs, just human touch!! Thank you Dr. Nick and Monica for all the great things you do!!

Kris Raniszewski

I got into a motorcycle accident a couple years ago but only broke a single bone in my wrist. However, my whole body fell “off”. Unable to sit comfortably, back pain, hip pain, difficulty standing for even short amounts of time. I constantly stretch, yoga, etc and try to be mindful of my body. I went to a chiropractor after my accident and while it did help, I wasn’t happy and still in pain.

A friend highly recommended Dr. Nick to me and decided to try him out. I can honestly say I wish I found him sooner.

My first visit was awesome and specifically tailored to my needs. Dr.Nick took his time and explained to me in detail everything that was happening in my body, and a plan to help improve my situation.

Not only that, but he is clearly and undoubtedly excellent in his adjustments. I walk out of his office with a smile on my face everytime; from feeling the relief the adjustments give me, and the hospitality from him and his equally awesome secretary Monica. 6 adjustments in and the quality of my life has improved significantly. I highly recommend Dr. Nick.

Hussein Karaki

I’ve been going to see Dr Nick for many years, by far the best Dr of Chiropractic I have ever experienced. I’ve been going to see Chiropractors for over 40 years. Thanks Dr Nick for being there for us.

Fred Sherry Sr