Upon your arrival our receptionist, Seren, will welcome you to our office and ask you to sign in and fill out our new patient package (Unless you have already done so prior to your arrival, Go to our New Patients page to download the forms). Once all your paper work has been completed Dr. Griffiths will introduce himself and proceed with your one on one private consultation. Upon completion of the consultation if the doctor feels that your particular condition would benefit from chiropractic care he will escort you to the examination room where testing will continue.

Our examination consists of a thorough spinal and nervous system analysis which includes: body balance and weight distribution testing, motion and static palpation. With this exam the doctor can feel areas of your spine that may have abnormal spinal position, curvatures and muscle imbalance. Spinal reflexes and other sensory and motor tests (muscle strength and balance) will also be performed in conjunction with several orthopedic tests. Upon completion of your chiropractic examination, if necessary, a specific set of spinal x-rays will be taken in order to aid the doctor in his analysis of your particular condition.

Upon completion of your examination and x-ray analysis you will be escorted to our therapy room where you will be placed on either an aqua-massage table, moist heat therapy or cryotherapy to help relieve your symptoms. After your x-rays are developed and are authorized for film quality you will then receive your initial spinal adjustment.  After your initial visit you will be released from our care with specific instructions from the doctor until your report of findings on your next visit.

It is at your Report of Findings that we will give you a care plan and go over any special instructions that you will need to get the best results possible.

NOTE: It is the policy of this clinic not to treat any patient until a full and complete analysis of your examination findings and x-rays have been completed. This insures us that when you are treated that we will be delivering the most specific and accurate treatment for your particular condition!