Hussein Karaki

I got into a motorcycle accident a couple years ago but only broke a single bone in my wrist. However, my whole body fell “off”. Unable to sit comfortably, back pain, hip pain, difficulty standing for even short amounts of time. I constantly stretch, yoga, etc and try to be mindful of my body. I went to a chiropractor after my accident and while it did help, I wasn’t happy and still in pain.

A friend highly recommended Dr. Nick to me and decided to try him out. I can honestly say I wish I found him sooner.

My first visit was awesome and specifically tailored to my needs. Dr.Nick took his time and explained to me in detail everything that was happening in my body, and a plan to help improve my situation.

Not only that, but he is clearly and undoubtedly excellent in his adjustments. I walk out of his office with a smile on my face everytime; from feeling the relief the adjustments give me, and the hospitality from him and his equally awesome secretary Monica. 6 adjustments in and the quality of my life has improved significantly. I highly recommend Dr. Nick.

April 2016
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