Kris Raniszewski

As a lifetime athlete, one can expect to have wear and tear throughout the years. However, when I developed a stinging pain in my lower back five years ago, I knew something was really wrong. I tried massage therapists, homeopathic medicine, medical doctors and my constant companion, addictive pain pills. Doing a Google search I found Dr. Nick and decided to try a new approach. He had great reviews and all I wanted was pain relief. My first steps in the office I was greeted by a sweet lady named Monica. I felt welcome and not just a patient. They both treat me with respect and decency. Xrays were taken and after all those years of needless suffering, I was finally given a correct diagnosis. After my very first visit, my pain lessened. By the second visit it was nearly gone! My pain I rated at an 8 out of ten, now it is zero!! Having a good nights rest painfree was something I never dreamed possible, but Dr.Nick has magical hands and is expert on human anatomy. He is genuine and very personable, so rare these days!! I will recommend him and his office to ANYONE suffering needlessly. He turned my life into a painfree one at long last! No drugs, just human touch!! Thank you Dr. Nick and Monica for all the great things you do!!

August 2016
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